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Tretinoin is one of the drugs to treat sunburnt skin, acne, wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and other skin problems. Tretinoin or retinoic acid is a type of synthetic vitamin A. Different brands have assigned names to Tretinoin. For instance, you must not confuse retinol with the brand name, Retin-A.

Find out why Tretinoin is a physician-recommended medication and how it alleviates skin issues.

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What is Tretinoin cream?
Tretinoin cream is derivative of vitamin A that not only improves the overall condition of your skin, but also makes your skin get rid of various complications like dark spots, fine wrinkles, or rough skin. Most of the time, these things take place due to sun rays. Hence, here are all the things that you need to acknowledge medicine with prescription (retin a cream pack).
How does it work?
As Tretinoin gel is a type of vitamin A, it ensures the stimulation of cell turnover. This product will also clear the dead skin cells and will induce the formation of new skin cells. Besides, it will also help you to open up your pores, which will allow the trapped bacteria to come out. It will also allow the irritants to come out. Those irritants are responsible for your acne. Moreover, it plays a significant role in regulating the natural oil of your skin. It will protect your skin from future breakouts.
Tretinoin cream strengths

0.25%- It is the lowest strength of tretinoin causing minimal side effects, like irritation.
0.5%- You may need to wait for 12 months to see results.
1%- Results are noticeable within 6 months. This strength is best for cosmetic benefits of the skin.

Component of Tretinoin cream
Tretinoin is the fundamental component of this gel. It is one of the prevalent elements which is used in the treatment of skin issues. It comprises various medical values. For instance, it will help you to treat acne. Besides, it is also capable of healing sun-damaged skin. The other name of it is Retinoic acid.
How to apply the Tretinoin cream?
There is a specific way to apply topical (generic brand of retin a cream pack). To be precise, you have to follow some steps to get the best results from the medication based on dermatologist advice. There is no need to worry as the steps are not complicated at all. You can go through the direction. Following the exact direction will be the best idea.

Make sure not to take it with the mouth. It is a topical medicine that you should apply to your skin only. If you have sunburnt skin or suffering from eczema, you should deter yourself from applying that.

It’s vital to wash your hands before applying generic Tretinoin cream. Also, you have to wash your hands after applying it. You need to clean your skin and dry it before applying the gel. If you apply it on your wet skin may irritate.

Once you apply the gel (retin a cream) to your skin, don’t wash it. You shouldn’t apply other skin products as well for at least an hour.
How to use?
You should consider Tretinoin cream to be a precise skin care program. While you are in the middle of the program, you must protect your skin from sunlight. It is not allowed. You can use an effective sunscreen to protect your skin.

Keep in mind that you may have to wait for several weeks to get the desired result. It will take time to improve the condition. There is a possibility that your skin will become a bit worse. If you witness that the symptoms are not going, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. If it doesn’t improve within 8 to 12 weeks, it’s time to visit a doctor.
When is it prescribed?
Dermatologists prescribe A Ret Get (retin a cream) to patients who have severe acne issues, skin cancers, and photo-damaged skin & redness on skin. Patients use the drug as ointment. However, this drug is also useful for pimple treatment.

It is prescribed in below case

stretch marks– it’s contains tretinoin, it can minimize the width and length of stretch marks. Tretinoin gel 0.1% gives you the best result.
wrinkles- With anti-aging properties, tretinoin helps in preventing wrinkle. You will get long-term from using this medication.
acne scars– it’s is capable of treating scars and acne. Moreover, it encourages the growth of the new cell.
blackheads– Blackheads are a type of acne that may be embarrassing to us. To remove blackheads from your skin, you can apply tretinoin.

What are the benefits/uses of Tretinoin cream?
There are numerous benefits of the retinoic acid cream. One of the significant benefits of this salve is that it will improve the overall health of your skin. Well, discussing the benefits of this salve is imperative. It is the reason for which customer buy this gel. If we don’t discuss the benefits, it will be hard for you to get a clear idea about this lotion. So, here are the USPs that you will witness after using this lotion.

The anti-inflammatory property of this salve will help you to get rid of acne pustules.
The ingredient Tretinoin plays a significant role in treating wrinkles. It will provide both short term and long term benefits when it comes to treating wrinkles. To be specific, it will slow down the process of aging.
It is also capable of treating scars and acne. Moreover, it encourages the growth of the new cell.

So, these are the benefits that you will witness if you opt for retinoic acid lotion (retin a cream).
Side Effects 
There are numerous common side effects of this product. However, all of them are mild. There will be no major complications after you use this product. So, here are some of the adverse effects that you need to keep in mind while using retin a cream.
Minor side effects

There is a possibility that you will go through skin irritation.
Maybe, there will be some red spots on your skin.
Also, if you see that your skin is getting patchy, it is time that you should get in touch with a doctor.

Major side effects

tingling and burning sensation on your skin,
Blistering and peeling of the skin
Also, the photosensitivity of the skin

So, if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should rush towards your doctor. We know that these adverse effects are mild, but consulting the doctor is the best option for you. Or else, there is a possibility that it will further hamper your skin.
While using Tretinoin gel, there are some warnings that you need to check. So, here are the warnings that you should know.
General warnings

If you are using this lotion and you are exposed to the sun, there is a possibility that it will cause some adverse effects on your skin. Therefore, we would recommend you to take all the necessary steps before going out in the sunlight, while under the influence of your medicine.
Make sure not to use this medicine anywhere apart from your skin. To be precise, avoid using it on the eyes, lips, eyelids, vagina, mouth, or the corners of your nose. It is recommended to use it on the skin only.
Do not put the medicine on your scrapes, cuts, eczema, and damaged skin.
The medicine can be risky while swallowed. When you have swallowed tretinoin gel, you must call a physician.

Warnings for special People


If you are pregnant, you should always stay away from this cream. In case, if you have the urgent necessity to use this medication, you should always get in touch with a doctor. He or she will comprehend the risks and benefits and then they will prescribe it.


Breastfeeding women should stay away from this medicine. You can consult a doctor if you think that you need to use to treat your skin.

Interaction with medicine– With Tretinoin lotion, you should not use skin products containing benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, sulfur, and salicylic acid.
Disease interactions– You must not use the drug when you other serious skin diseases. Consult with your physicians to use the drug safely

How to Store
There is no complicated storage instruction for Tretinoin lotion users. However, you have to store the drug under room temperature (10 to 30°C).
Patients having hypersensitivity, eczematous, sunburnt skin, and renal impairment must take precautions.
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Tretinoin cream Manufacturer
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Does Tretinoin cream expire?
Like any other drug, Tretinoin cream (retin a cream) is usable for you up to a limited period after package. That is why you have to check out the expiry date.
Tretinoin cream Before And After Result

Tretinoin cream is one of the skin treatment drugs helping you with the most noticeable results. You may compare before and after photos of Tretinoin ointment users. You will find how this drug has alleviated the skin problem.
Tretinoin cream reviews
We have checked reviews of Tretinoin cream (retin a cream). Most of the users have claimed that this drug has shown magical effects on their skin. While some of them have found minimal side effects, others have no adverse effects from using the drug.
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Tretinoin cream (retin a cream) is available in different strength levels. It is safe to consult with physicians to know the right dosage for your needs.
Missed dose
When you have missed a dose, you have to take it without any delay. However, never apply double dose to balance the missed one.
The overdose of Tretinoin cream can result in serious symptoms. Ingestion of the drug will also cause harm.

Can I consume alcohol while taking Tretinoin cream?

We are not sure about the interactions of alcohol and this medications. That is why you can speak to your physician.

For how much time does the Tretinoin cream’s effect last?

There is no clinical study on how much time the medicine’s effect will last.

How long should I wait to find the result?

You have to wait at least 2 to 4 weeks after applying the ointment.

So, here are all the things that you should acknowledge about Tretinoin cream (retin a cream). If you are suffering from skin issues you can consider this product. However, we would suggest you get in touch with a doctor before using that tropical retin a cream. They are the best person, who will guide you about how to use the ointment so that can get the finest results.